Selected works spanning 2010 to the PresentIncluding notable client works, as well as personal art and digital media experiments


Sleep Audiobooks

In 2022 Mich founded SleepAudiobooks.com. A media company focused on curated audiobooks with soft & slow voices to help with sleep related challenges. The website includes informational resources and tools to help relax before bed and to create a comfortable atmosphere during sleep.The YouTube channel @sleepaudiobooks maintains both public domain and original productions and has over 150 thousand monthly visitors.



Having been involved in blockchain tech since 2013, Mich explored the use of NFTs by creating art with different tools such as open source 3D software, AI GAN models, and video editing.These works could be considered "techspressionist": exploring new tech mediums to express emotional experiences. Especially relating to our current era of rapid technological development and hyper-digitized social life.View more on MakersPlace



With experience in 3D design and video, Mich became active in building for the 3D web or "Metaverse".He created digital galleries and hosted events showcasing NFT artists, as well as creating virtual experiences where people could explore inside three dimensional artworks.



AI art is having its moment with text to image algorithms like Midjourney and DALL-E.Having explored AI models since 2013, including Deepdream Generator, ArtBreeder, and Playform, Mich looks to see how these tools can merge with artistic endeavors, without reducing the artist's role in shining light on human experiences.


Design & Branding

Mich developed branding & marketing materials for various clients including blockchain based startups.He designed the brand identities for BitAngels (one of the first crypto investment groups), Piper Wallet Printer (an early paper wallet solution) and Mastercoin, the first ICO (Initial Coin Offering); a historical breakthrough which revolutionized the crypto industry and paved the way for NFTs and smart contracts.


Non-Profit Work

During his career as a Media Specialist, Mich worked with a number of non-profit organizations including:MiND TV - A local community network channel (Animations & Graphics)Alliance Taxi Co-op - A startup taxi cooperative seeking to improve the working conditions of Philadelphia taxi drivers (Branding & Taxi Design)Chin Seeking Refuge - An advocacy group for the Chin people who were fleeing their homes in Myanmar (Designed a 135 page report presented to the U.S. Senate)



Mich graduated from Penn State University in 2011 with a BS in Management and a BA in Integrative Arts.He worked as a multimedia specialist at Penn State's College of Arts & Architecture from 2010-2011 and then again from 2013 to 2015Both for his career at Penn State, and as independent artist, Mich's work often focused on the subject of performer and venue.


Current and Future Works

Mich's current projects continue to incoprorate AI and experimenting with outputs to created various forms and "digital materials"He is also building media based products with the purpose of improving people's health and through art.


If you would like to view more of Mich's works or to get in touch, you can send an email to michpalmerdesign@gmail.com, or follow him on socials.